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Vintage WWII Era National Company 805 Glass Washboard - Great Condition

Vintage WWII Era National Company 805 Glass Washboard - Great Condition

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This is a wood and glass National Washboard No. 865 - patented in 1918 and made by the National Washboard Company - Chicago / Saginaw / Memphis.  The board is trademarked "The Glass King." Before the 1940s, over one million washboards were produced and sold by four different companies. During WWII, scrap metal became in demand, changing the once-metal washboards to be produced out of wood and glass. This National Washboard Co. No 865, also marked "Top Notch," is one of the premier wood and glass made during that time (Circa the 1930s-1940s.) Made in a large deluxe size (measures 26 1/4'' tall, 13 1/2'' wide, and weighs over 5 lbs.) They feature sanitary front drain grooves and unique glass ribs with the "National" name.  The clothes were rubbed on the fluted or ridged glass side after a bar of laundry soap was applied to the wet clothes. The soap bar rested on the shelf above the glass. This is why the company's advertising logo on the "business side" of all washboards has always faded or vanished altogether.

Disclosures:  There are some "to be expected" soap and water discolorations at the top of the notched side, with opposite side lettering still quite good.  Green paint damage on the left side.  See the pictures for details.

Dimensions:   13.5” Width x 2.25" Deep x 26.25" Height

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