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NWT Max & Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Martingdale Dog Collar - Your Choice of Size and Color

NWT Max & Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Martingdale Dog Collar - Your Choice of Size and Color

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The main difference between a martingale and a regular collar is that they tighten up as a dog pulls. This is not to choke a dog but to prevent a dog from escaping the collar. Many dogs have heads the same size or smaller than its neck. With a regular collar, when a dog backs up from up, it may be able to slip a regular collar. With a martingale collar, when this happens, the collar tightens and prevents it from coming up over a dog's head.

    Our martingale collars are measured fully extended. When measuring your dog's neck, please measure his neck near the top portion and be sure to press down through all its fur to get an accurate measurement. Most people do not press down the fur to get a correct measurement. This leads to them over-measuring their dog's neck. And leads to them ordering a size that is too large.

    The metal rings at the ends should not touch when the collar is on your dog. The nylon portion attached to the D-ring should be extended. If you pull on the D-ring and the collar does not tighten, the collar is too large and must be adjusted to smaller.


    A martingale collar also tightens if the dog is pulling on a leash. You can give your slight dog corrections, which will respond much better than wearing a regular collar.

    • SIZING for Nylon Martingale: Extra Small - Neck Size 10"-12" / Small - Neck Size 12"-14.5" / Medium - Neck Size 14"-16.25" / Medium/Large - Neck Size 16.25"-19" / Large - Neck Size 19"-25" / Extra-Large 21"-33"
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